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About technology

Conteon Emitter incapsulates a brand new approach of creation a transaction using software and physical device are deeply integrated with smartphones to secure exchange, and Party participation confirmation in the transaction by non-digital way using Bluetooth/NFC and biometric unlock of user's smartphone.

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Conteon infrastructure endorses organization of cheaper and secure data exchange over open exchange channels like the Internet, torrent etc.


Emitter allows user to interact with payment or critical infrastructure without using passwords and active biometrics - by the means of the interactive algorithmic-hardware protection using QR, Bluetooth and NFC.


Conteon security provides its own NFT container that stores an encryption key that is constantly modified by the Emitter based on transactions, making it impossible to intercept or fabricate a transaction.

Connects 2 Worlds

The Conteon infrastructure is the Bridge between DeFi and the classic Fintech infrastructure. It provides an API for the tokenization and/or sale of assets for crypto and/or classic currency, as well as creation of user scoring certificates and operational tokens for interaction with classic financial instruments.

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About technology

Each merchant, in the process of integrating an Emitter device into their business or accrediting devices for accepting payments with Conteon technologies, passes all the necessary CIP, KYC and CDD checks and also concludes a contract for the maintenance of digital infrastructure. In the process of completing the checks, each merchant receives a digital certificate in the form of NFT and an operational token, with which each merchant transaction will be signed.

Conteon technologies guarantee the return of funds to the rightful owner in case they were received fraudulently.

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How it works

Emitter tokenization feature provides interactive input of information from a user's mobile device without connecting to the Internet - the tokenization transaction is formed exclusively by the Emitter device. This makes the user information tokenization process reliable and secure.

Quickly tokenize

Quickly tokenize any
sensetive user data
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At the same time, important information from the card (number and date of expiration) is transmitted via NFC to a user's phone, and the generated card token is transferred to a bank, which will be used further as a digital signature of the bank card (a request by the bank for remote debiting of funds from the issuer's account).

Crypto chip with
unique key transaction

Each Emitter has its own ID, crypto-chip and a unique encryption algorithm that self-changes as the Emitter is used. This altogether makes up a single algorithm for encoding / decoding information, which ensures reliable and secure data transmission over open channels and long-term storage of information in Blockchain or Cloud.